Symbols, Signpost and St. Peter – Project at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum

I’m delighted to be working on a project at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum linking with St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School. The aim of the project is to strengthen links with a very local school, helping to familiarise the children and their families with the wonderful things you can find in the gallery and museum. As well as looking, we are also making art in several different ways. We are using clay and also a 3D printer to produce work that represents St. Peter, which is our theme and starting point. Each child will make their own clay sculpture and also contribute to a wall mural which will eventually be given to the school for their hallway. We will also transform some of the children’s sculptures by remaking them in plastic using the 3D printer so that they become toys which they can then play with.
I also have the opportunity to make some small ceramic pieces for each class which will then be used as small altar areas for class assemblies. I’m making ‘story cups’ which will contain bits of ceramic clutter that can be used to tell Bible stories. For example, The Lost Sheep Story Cup contains little clay sheep which can be used for a game of hide and seek. These are directly inspired by Edmund De Waal’s installation which is part of the gallery’s permanent collection and the children have looked at it carefully.
The project will finish at the end of February with a lunch time talk on Friday 27th February where we hope to present our work and also show you a short film which we’re making alongside the project.
The project has many different outcomes so we’re all very busy!! I was however, delighted to find a child from the school in the gallery with his Mum after school last week. His enthusiasm in giving his own guided tour was very encouraging. Watch this space for more updates and pictures.

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